Clearwater Discount Mattress

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We are doing business in a new way, with top-quality mattresses. in every style, Pillow-top mattresses, memory foam beds, or just a simple, nice mattress at the lowest possible price.
The new Clearwater Discount Mattress store in Largo [on the corner of Ulmerton Rd & 66th Street] have what you want, and now it REALLY can cost less.... with deliveries scheduled when it is convenient for YOU.

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    Clearwater Discount Mattress has your favorite mattress type, at the lowest possible price. We carry Memory Foam Mattresses at unheard of prices. Pillowtop Mattresses so low you have to step over them. If you just want a simple basic mattress at a rock bottom price, then you will certainly want to take a look at our Budget Mattresses.

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