What is a Orthopedic Mattress?

A modern orthopedic mattress can be built from a variety of components, and made by any number of mattress manufacturers. Shop carefully. Some beds claim to be an orthopedic, firm mattress as part of a marketing message.

Clearwater Discount Mattress has orthopedic, firm mattress sets.

The new Clearwater Discount Mattress store in Largo has a dozen different beds on display, that claim to be an orthopedic mattress. The reality is: there is no industry measurement or government standard that a bed needs to meet in order to be an "official" orthopedic mattress. This situation allows every manufacturer and retail store to make claims that no one can challenge. You, as the consumer, are left to the mercy of commission salesmen in a retail store.

So how do you buy an orthopedically correct mattress?

First, understand the goal of an orthopedic mattress. The weight of the human body is carried by the spine. It has a natural "S" shape, unless excess weight, injuries or poor posture forces it "out of alignment". When we sleep our brains and bodies repair themselves. When your body weight is not supported properly by a good mattress, back problems can worsen. Truly orthopedic mattress sets are designed to support your spine, muscles and total body weight. You want an supportive, flat surface, that will carry your weight through the night and hold your body in place.

If you have chronic back-pain or awake feeling "stiff and sore", chances are you mattress is "sagging", allowing your body weight and shape to dictate your sleeping position. A proper firm, orthopedic mattress can offer a great improvement in your nightly sleep. A bed with appropriate support and enough "comfort padding" to reduce pressure point pain.

When you are ready to go shopping for a new mattress, visit the new Clearwater Discount Mattress store in Largo. Expect to spend 10-12 minutes laying on each or several firm mattresses. When you test-drive a new car, Do you only sit in the front seat? No, you drive around the block and maybe down the highway a bit. When you are looking for a comfortable, orthopedic mattress, wear casual clothes and expect to lay on a series of beds, from "too hard" to "just right", until you find the mattress that is comfortable for you.

One last thought about buying an orthopedic mattress: Buying a new bed is the last "Goldielocks" consumer product that exist. Any style of shoe you like, is made in every size. Cars are all the same, but come in different colors. A mattress is different. No two people like the same bed. This is why mattress manufacturer's are able to say the things they do in advertising. How a mattress "feels" to you is your personal opinion, and every new shopper's opinion is "correct".

The new Clearwater Discount Mattress stores have as many as a dozen orthopedic beds to choose from. Visit us in Largo on the corner of Ulmerton Rd and 66th street.
Test-rest" several beds and decide which one is "just right" for you.